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Monitoring of the Regional Natural Park “Bosco e Paludi di Rauccio” in the city of Lecce

23-10-2023 09:06


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Monitoring of the Regional Natural Park “Bosco e Paludi di Rauccio” in the city of Lecce

The monitoring activities of NETF DRONE have provided data on the conservation status of the habitats within the Park

The monitoring activities have provided data on the state of integrity and conservation of some habitats within the park's territory.


We are pleased to have conducted a significant monitoring activity in the area of the Regional Natural Park "Bosco e Paludi di Rauccio" as part of the "ConsActMonH" (Conservation Action On Monitoring Habitat) project. This project, funded by POR Puglia 2014-2020 - Action 6.5, aims to provide data on the state of integrity and conservation of some habitats within the park's territory, with a focus on botanical, faunistic, and geological components.

The habitats of the Park face various challenges, such as erosion in the dune areas and environmental pressures in the retro-dunal wetlands. Thanks to our monitoring activities, we have obtained high-resolution orthophotos, acquired using drones in GPS-RTK mode. These images allow an in-depth analysis of the plant communities, providing invaluable information that would otherwise be unavailable.

The use of the drone proved essential, not only because it facilitates access to areas that are dangerous to reach, but also because it offers a unique opportunity to examine crucial information concerning the habitat, the species therein, and potential threats.

All the data collected has provided key insights into the current state of the habitats and will serve as a reference for future monitoring, ensuring the comparability of results. All monitoring activities were made possible thanks to the high resolution of our images and the ability to use the drone in inaccessible and hazardous areas.

Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude for the collaboration with the Project Manager Dr. Antonio de Rinaldis and Dr. Alessio Turco.




More information about the Regional Natural Park "Bosco e Paludi di Rauccio”

The Regional Natural Park "Bosco and Paludi of Rauccio" is located exclusively within the municipal territory of Lecce, 13 km from the Salento capital on the Adriatic coast and was established by regional law no. 25 of December 23, 2002. It is a true showcase of historical, scenic, cultural, and environmental riches. Over the centuries, it has undergone profound transformations due to continuous deforestation by humans and the reclamation of wetlands, in exchange for arable land or pastures.

The establishment of the Park, its expansion, and the implementation of numerous enhancement and recovery projects aim to protect the various habitats and different plant and animal species. Without forgetting the sustainable development of the territory, in the sense of economic growth and in full respect of its territorial, environmental, and cultural integrity.

The total area covers 1,600 hectares, including a holm oak forest (a wood of holm oaks) of about 18 hectares, a wetland area of about 90 hectares, two coastal basins (Idume and Fetida) of about 4 hectares, constructed together with the three channels (Rauccio, Gelsi, and Fetida), for land reclamation and the confluence of spring waters. The remaining part of the territory is occupied by patches of Mediterranean scrub, garrigue, and extensive agricultural areas with vegetable and tree crops, and large uncultivated areas, mainly used for livestock grazing. The stretch of coastline, mainly sandy and with dune formations of high naturalistic and environmental interest, is about 4 km and includes the territories of Torre Rinalda, Spiaggia Bella, and Torre Chianca.

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